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Robert DaveantName: Robert Daveant
Country: United States
Intro: My name is Bob Daveant, I am a photographer living in Cleveland, Ohio USA.

I shoot a lot of different types of photos

My Main Website is:
Member Since: 2006-11-04
Camera: Canon EOS 20D, Canon EOS 60D, Canon EOS REBEL XSi 450D, Nikon D2X
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United States
Title: House SparrowCanon EOS 60D
House Sparrow (6)
bobdaveant (255)
United States
Title: Funny LlamaCanon EOS 60D
Funny Llama
bobdaveant (255)
United States
Title: Autumn Morning in OhioCanon EOS 60D
Autumn Morning in Ohio (2)
bobdaveant (255)
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