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Now what else can I say than "Ag Moedertjie o so fraai" except this is Vadertjie with the baby chick.
This is a very cute moment you have captured here. Your presentation of photos is always a pleasant surprise. I must admit like "del7im" that it is also a first for me to see a baby ostrich. One cannot believe that a fluffy little bundle of feathers grows up to be one of the biggest birds on earth.
Thanks also for your very informative notes. I just wish EVERYBODY would read them properly. You take all the time in telling us the story about the papa and his son, and really then some people come and write about the mama??? Real nincompoops. And I am not worried about saying that because if they cannot read your notes, why will they bother to read my notes? Arenít the notes supposed to educate us?

Anyway I include a poem I found in my granddaughters poetry book about an ostrich.

Ostrich - Meish Goldish

Do you know the world's largest bird?
Aw - it's the ostrich!
What bird is eight feet tall? My word!
Aw - it's the ostrich!
Who moves fifteen feet in a single step?
Who runs forty miles an hour with pep?
Who roars like a lion, hisses like a snake,
And weighs 300 pounds, for heaven's sake?
Aw - it's the ostrich!

Kind regards

Ps. Sorry I used nearly the whole page again. And what I could gather from your conversation with Janice is that your team the SHARKS have won. CONGRATULATIONS!I am sure by Monday we are going to see a posting of a shark???
South Africa
Title: Just Follow MeCanon EOS 350D
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Title: Helmcken Falls Part 2Nikon Coolpix 4300
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