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Cerys_H (42) [2009-08-14 15:57] [+]

Hey Mark - this is an amazing shot. The level of detail is superb and the soft colours are very pleasing. TFS, Cerys

Cerys_H (42) [2009-08-14 15:52]

Hey - the strong colours and level of detail are wonderful. Good composition - TFS, Cerys

Cerys_H (42) [2009-08-14 15:49]

Hi Ewan - beautiful - the colours and clarity all the way through the shot make it special. The movement of the water in the foreground is great. TFS, Cerys

Cerys_H (42) [2009-08-14 15:15]

Beautiful scenic shot - the colours are excellent and the composition si classic and works well. TFS, Cerys

Cerys_H (42) [2009-08-14 15:13]

Beautiful shot - clarity and colour are superb. Great capture - tfs, cerys

Cerys_H (42) [2008-11-21 11:05]

Hi Sandrine - this is a beautiful picture - I love the softness of the colour. I am only just starting to play with different effects in photography, so please feel free to ignore me, but I think I might have tried a smaller aperture and longer exposure to produce more depth?
TFS, Cerys

Cerys_H (42) [2008-06-13 9:17]

Hi James - this is a really lovely shot - I love the completeness of the reflection - TFS! Cerys

Cerys_H (42) [2008-05-29 4:47]

This is a beautiful capture - the colours of the Tortoiseshells are beautiful, and their orientation within the frame is fabulous...TFS, Cerys

Cerys_H (42) [2008-05-23 5:43]

Paulina - this is a really beautiful capture - the colours are subtle, exsquisite and not overpowering as I so often find. Thanks for sharing! Cerys