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Dunkeld (158) [2006-12-15 6:12]

Hola Antonio. Always nice to capture a pair. Two times subject but often twice as difficult to achieve. A good composition here, blurred BG enhancing the image.
Well done!
TFS. Dave.

Dunkeld (158) [2006-12-15 6:05]

Hi Peter. Nice composition of a small species, always more difficult to capture. Looking into the light or in shadow obviously making things even more difficult. Bluury BG adds to the effect. Nice image!
TFS Dave.

Dunkeld (158) [2006-12-13 7:37]

Hi Chris. A nice POV with a good perspective. It's always difficult to get a good shot of a feeding butterfly because they dance around as they feed..However the positioning here is excellent..Good shot!

Dunkeld (158) [2006-12-12 13:18]

Hi antonio. Lovely shot of a female orange tip Antochares cardimenes. Sharpness; POV and BG all excellent. Well done! Dave.

Dunkeld (158) [2006-12-12 10:27]

Hola Jorge. An explosion of colour, I need a polarized filter for each eye. A very nice image.
TFS. Dave.

Dunkeld (158) [2006-12-12 9:02] - [workshop] [compare]

Hello Anne..Lovely capture of a comma but I think a lot of cropping and sharpening could make this an outstanding image..The butterfly has a great POV and has posed perfectly for you. I'll try a workshop and see how I would change it if you dont mind. Well done!

Dunkeld (158) [2006-12-11 9:34]

Hi Pam. Great shot! Indeed one of the best butterfly house shots I have ever seen. I have lots myself which I will get around to once the outdoor stuff is done, but it will be hard to match this. There's great compo; excellent bg..Fine colours. Well done!

Dunkeld (158) [2006-12-10 18:59]

What a picture Nicholas! I doubt if this mantis could have posed more perefectly for you. BG enhances the image, but it's the clarity of colour on subject and plant that makes the image very very impressive. TFS..
Dave T.

Dunkeld (158) [2006-12-10 14:14]

Lovely image of a difficult species to photograph Ania. The colours really are excellent. Well done!

Dunkeld (158) [2006-12-10 7:33]

Hola Antonio. Great photograph with nice colour; composition and detail. DOF and BG make the butterfly stand out. The BVW is a favourite of mine and I had several similar shots myself during summer as they fed on scabious.