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Ixectrona (0) [2009-01-27 5:49]

Very nice picture, though I just have to point out that these are definitely no lories, but a pair of Yellow-headed amazons, Amazona ochrocephala oratrix/belizensis. (The two subspecies are difficult to tell apart)

Ixectrona (0) [2009-01-27 5:46]

Very nice picture.
However, this is not an eclectus parrot, but a Red lory, Eos bornea.

Ixectrona (0) [2009-01-11 2:57]

Very nice picture, sharp and nice posing from the bird too. ;)
It's just one thing I have to point out - it isn't a tenuirostris (eastern long-billed corella), but a little corella or bare-eyed cockatoo, Cacatua sanguinea.

The tenuirostris has more orange around the face, as well as an orange throat and a much longer beak.

Ixectrona (0) [2008-03-05 8:39] [+]

A really beautiful bird, but I have one thing to point out - this isn't an Umbrella cockatoo. This is clearly a Moluccan cockatoo, Cacatua moluccensis. The umbrella/alba is pure white with just yellow underneath its wings and tail, while the moluccan has a salmon pink crest, and is often pink all over the body. (Like this one)

Ixectrona (0) [2007-10-26 10:49]

Really nice picture. Beautiful colors, contrast, etc... just one thing to note in the description. This is a Greenwing Macaw, Ara Chloroptera. The Scarlet is lighter red and has no lines of feathers in the face.

Ixectrona (0) [2007-07-08 12:53]

Wonderful caption, excellent details.
Just one thing, look at the front. There is a little blue there. This is a Blue Fronted Amazon, Amazona Aestiva.

Ixectrona (0) [2007-06-24 23:32] [+]

Truly beautiful! Nice details, lightning, coloration... everything!

Just one thing; this isn't a Scarlet. The Scarlet has a lighter red color and yellow on it's wings. This is a Greenwing Macaw, Ara Chloroptera.

Ixectrona (0) [2007-06-24 23:15]

Really nice picture. :)
Just one thing to note.
Those aren't Goffin Cockatoos, they're Bare-Eyed Cockatoos, Cacatua Sanguinea. The goffins doesn't have that naked eye-patch.