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Marcie (0) [2005-06-27 1:42] [+]

Hi Mike,
this is a great macro, sharp, and you caught a good moment, and you added a title absolutely suits.

Marcie (0) [2004-08-16 13:54]

Lara said you earn 3 points, because the long wings and raindrops. Lara is 5, and Áron (7) said *2 because the happyness

Marcie (0) [2004-08-11 0:13]

Hi Frank,
Oh, I know this fellow from TL. Here the perspective is not as well planed as the other but still good.

Marcie (0) [2004-08-11 0:11]

Beautiful shot, Dan! You have excellent leopard photos, but this is the best. Good details, the texture of fur is wonderful, and the pattern...

Marcie (0) [2004-08-11 0:08]

What a great shot, Ninfa! Now you show us why it is called dragon... Dangerous mimic. Very good composition and excellent macro!

Marcie (0) [2004-08-11 0:05]

Fabulous shot, David! I like that even the background is b&w. Thanks for your thoughtful note as well!

Marcie (0) [2004-08-10 23:46]

Very good moment, nice composition, Ricardo! Well done!

Marcie (0) [2004-08-10 1:35]

Hello Lynn,
I like this picture a lot, and the title is very good. This is a perfect macro, and nice DOF also.