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SeadogDriftwood (0) [2010-02-03 13:43] [comment]

Many kudos, Karan, on a truly endearing shot of an ermine in mid-molt! The soft wetness of the eyes and the ever-so-slight green reflection add so much life and heart to this picture!

Miss Piggy: Don't be fooled. This little guy/girl may be cute, but he/she'd eat Stuart the moment he/she set eyes on him.

Janice: for King George V's coronation, he had a robe made of ermine fur. It took 50000 (count it - 5 X 10^4) ermine skins to make it.

Lizzie & Henryk Bilor: As cute and adorable as he/she is (can't tell the gender unless you know either the creature's size or its genitals), the only domesticated stoats must be hand-reared from birth. Otherwise. it's like bringing a miniature wildcat into the house: all hell will break loose, and woe betide any pets!

Cicindela: Stoats (and all other mustelids) only squirt as a last resort - after all, they have a more sensitive sense of smell than humans, so the stench would affect them even more!

(If ya can't tell, I like stoats! ^.^)