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Trigger (168) [2008-06-19 23:00] [+]

Hi Ian,A good opportunist shot with good catchlight in the eye and the background out of focus giving emphasis on the Swallow. Well done

Trigger (168) [2007-11-21 14:29]

Welcome to Treknature Ian. Great first shot, very sharp and good colours, I look forward to seeing more.


Trigger (168) [2007-11-18 23:18] [comment]

Hi Tabatha,

After your kind comments on my last photo I had a look at your site.You did well with the long exposure time. I loved the detail given on the bird.

Trigger (168) [2007-11-06 14:45]

Another cracker Peter a great result considering the conditions you took it in.


Trigger (168) [2007-09-13 22:49] [comment]

Now I know who puts all your great photos into our club competitions. Great shot Peter, nice to see a bit of humour in nature

Trigger (168) [2007-09-05 9:07]

Great shot Peter, you are getting some lovely images from heysham reserve

Trigger (168) [2007-05-02 8:10]

Gteat shot Peter, the colours and sharpness are fantastic. Certainly worth lying down to get it.

Trigger (168) [2007-04-20 7:34]

Hi Peter,

As usual you have captured this shot well despite the evening light. The bird stands out well from the background.

Trigger (168) [2007-03-26 2:26] [comment]

A great shot of the Hare, beautifully sharp and I love the cautious look in the eye. Well done Peter, yes a real comp contender.


Trigger (168) [2007-03-22 2:33] [comment]

For a window cleaner you don't make a bad photographer Mike. Great shot as the light couldn't have been great following the rain. Welcome to TN old son.

Cheers - Bryan