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bubbapenner (45) [2007-09-23 17:57]

this is a pretty intense pic; especially with the three scratch marks under the 'eye'.

bubbapenner (45) [2007-09-22 20:42]

even the dandelions are beautiful in this picture!!

bubbapenner (45) [2007-09-22 20:41]

love the pov here; a nice change from the typical frontal view. great job!

bubbapenner (45) [2007-09-22 20:39]

the title you chose is very fitting for this picture. i love the contrast of the leaves against the sky.

bubbapenner (45) [2007-09-22 20:38]

beautiful detail in the yellow flowers.

bubbapenner (45) [2007-09-22 20:36]

of the 3 photo/squirrel photos that i saw in your collection on tn, i like this one the best. the detail of the dew on the grass is very nice. the squirrel looks like he's saying 'say cheese'.

bubbapenner (45) [2007-09-22 20:34]

beautiful photo. the perspective that you chose makes the viewer feel as if they are there, on the road. wonderful.

bubbapenner (45) [2007-09-08 6:15] [comment]

wow. i love the expression on this bird's face! it really looks like he's scolding someone. excellent capture!

bubbapenner (45) [2006-08-10 17:08]

Very cute. Good thing you had an extra camera to get the shot!

bubbapenner (45) [2006-08-10 10:04] [+]


Absolutely love this picture. The posture of the bear is really quite human, and his expression is almost that of boredom.

I went to our local zoo in Winnipeg a few days back and got plenty of pictures as well, but I've just got a basic digital and was not able to pick up the animals with such closeness and clarity.

Excellent photo! This one is going in my favorites for TN.