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davidao25 (15) [2004-09-28 2:15] - [workshop] [compare] [+]

A great shot
Composition, sharpness, the subject and the sky are just brilliant.
Overexposure doomed you, you need to be more careful adjusting your camera settings next time and I saw the same problem on several photos in your gallery.
Don't you have a way on your camera to correct this problem?

I've done a workshop to try to reduce the overexposure

davidao25 (15) [2004-09-21 2:43] [2] - [workshop] [compare] [+]

Great photo, great angle, beautiful subjects and very complete note.

Storks are beautiful and very mystical animals. I can confirm that the biggest concentration is in the Iberian Peninsula because I am Portuguese (for those who don't know, the Iberian peninsula is formed by Portugal and Spain) and I saw a lot of storks there. They like to nest a lot in those iron structures that hold the high-voltage power lines (I don't know the structure name in English). I've seen about eight (8) nest of storks in one of those big structures.
They are very well protected in Portugal. Anyone that hurts a stork is in big trouble. Highway roads projects had to changed routes because they would pass near an area with these animals.

I loved your photo an I believe no workshop is needed but Iíve done an artistic glowing workshop on your photo. Iíll post it tomorrow because Iím in the limit for today.

Thanks for posting this photo

davidao25 (15) [2004-09-20 13:30] - [workshop] [compare]

Very sharp and well composed. I like the shadows of the bird "hair" on his face.
I've done a workshop to improve his colors

davidao25 (15) [2004-09-14 12:31] - [workshop] [compare]

Wow. That's so colorful. I've never seen a bird like this before. He is really beautiful.
I've done a workshop to improve his colors a bit.

davidao25 (15) [2004-09-13 3:30] - [workshop] [compare]

Great macro David
I just don't like that mark in the eye and I've done a WS to fix it.
Hope you like it