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erayca (25) [2008-08-02 1:27] [comment]

Super puffin shot,well done..

erayca (25) [2008-07-30 14:56] [comment]

Hello,,Amazingly prity eyes and its lashes,,well done for this superb photo.

Title: Bianco
Bianco (6)
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erayca (25) [2008-07-30 14:49] [comment]

Hi Ivo,
Coluors amazing,super capture,,well done..

erayca (25) [2007-11-22 11:54]

Hello Nick..
Nice photo,very useful information,well done mate.

erayca (25) [2007-04-16 17:39]

A superb portre Nick,Happy more fifths fotos,well done mate..

erayca (25) [2007-04-16 17:16]

Hi Paul,
Like he is watching himself,excellent shot well done..

erayca (25) [2007-04-14 16:48]

Hi Nick,
Super sweet shot,welldone mate.,

erayca (25) [2007-04-02 20:00] [+]

Hi Hilary,
Colours beautiful,did you use backing flash?or what is that light back of ladybird is it sun's reflection? Yes in Turkey we call them "ugur bocegi" believed brings luck,when find one just hold on finger tip and say "uc, uc, uc"meaning "fly,fly,fly"and it flies away :)..Super shot superb colours well done...Eray

erayca (25) [2007-04-02 19:47]

Hi Paul,
I like the silky finish of the water very much,well exposed,well shot well done..Eray.

erayca (25) [2007-04-02 13:55] [+]

Hi John,I am not sure but i think they are called Jacks..I just want to be there right now.,super relaxing photo,well done mate..