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jimzzz (44) [2005-08-17 20:49]

Very beautiful composition David.I like the effect you created here with the blue tone on a black background. Very well done. One of my favorite.

jimzzz (44) [2005-07-26 13:06]

Amazing sunset Wishnu. The colors are fantastic. Thank you to share.

jimzzz (44) [2005-07-26 13:05]

Beautiful composition of a beautiful animal.Very well done.

jimzzz (44) [2005-07-26 13:03]

Beautiful composition, photo very clear and sharp. Very well done.

jimzzz (44) [2005-07-06 20:14]

Beautiful photo Andy. I like the colors of the bird and the water. Photo very sharp. Very well done.

jimzzz (44) [2005-07-06 20:12]

Good composition Sam. Photo very sharp, interesting POV. Well done.

jimzzz (44) [2005-07-06 20:11]

Très belle photo Rudy. L'herbe en avant de la photo donne une belle effet. Très bien réussi.

jimzzz (44) [2005-07-05 18:19]

Wonderful composition Dennis. The dragonfly is very beautiful. I like the colors. Very well done.

jimzzz (44) [2005-07-04 12:59]

Excellent POV on this photo David. Photo very sharp and beautiful light.
Well done.

jimzzz (44) [2005-07-04 12:55]

Very beautifull photo of a very beautiful bird PAM. Very well done.