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johnvai (24) [2006-02-11 15:01]

Hey Carsten!
i used to have a frame like this when i was child.
i adore this frame. this tree with the silhuoettes and the sun doesn't exist.

Perfect shot, angle and timing and composition.

johnvai (24) [2006-02-11 15:00]

it's a painting!
nice framing, pov and composition.

i would prefer some more sharpening.

johnvai (24) [2005-11-18 11:42]

Very great Shot!
the reflection is great. It seems like an illusion. even the darkness has given the pic that look.

johnvai (24) [2005-11-11 5:48]

Very lovely pic!
The details, the combination of colours, the POV and the light is great.

johnvai (24) [2005-11-01 17:59]

Very nice shot!
The ambiance is great and the colors are just perfect.
Nice compositions, details and POV.

johnvai (24) [2005-10-31 16:47]

a very lovely picture.
I like these types of picture.
It's all green and the focus is the beetle.
you can use it for marketing/advertising purposes.
Good luck!

johnvai (24) [2005-10-31 16:42]

A very very great picture.
If we look very carefully to the picture, we can see the grass blurness.
But the really attracting and appealing issue is the bird and the red sharp color.
It's just a great Picture.
i've known from my own experience that if you want something booming it's either you make a great shot or a very awful one.
I guess that you have merged both of them which resulted a magnificent Photo!
Great job!

johnvai (24) [2005-10-30 7:29]

Perfect Shot Claudia and nice framing.
the picture is just great.

johnvai (24) [2005-10-28 17:56]

Nice picture.
some enhancements would might improve the picture.
using no flash would not let the reflection come over the beack.
taking out the black water spots from the picture would clarify the background and emphasize the pelican.
anyways nice shot.

johnvai (24) [2005-10-28 17:52] - [workshop] [compare]

Very nice macro shot Alper!
i would suggest to crop the right bottom leaves.