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nosam (19) [2007-03-05 15:57]

Amazing detail! I love what appears to be the evening/morning sunlight being cast on her(?). Unbelievable shot and TFS! -M

Title: Hoverfly
Hoverfly (22)
budi (296)


nosam (19) [2007-02-07 22:15]

That is impressive. Amazing detail! -M

nosam (19) [2005-11-14 17:55]

Awesome shot! Congratulations and thanks for sharing.

nosam (19) [2005-10-19 15:55]

I love images of sunsets, and this is a very beautiful one. Congrats!

nosam (19) [2005-10-19 15:49]

Wow! Perfect timing indeed. Amazing shot!

nosam (19) [2005-10-18 18:28]

Great shot! Thanks for including the people in the photo, it's almost hard to believe how large the glacier is. I really like the blues as well.

nosam (19) [2005-10-17 15:33]

Wow, what a shot! Great detail and composition. Thanks for sharing.

nosam (19) [2005-10-15 14:59]

Beautiful! I love the gold reflection of the sun on the water.