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pmaze (25) [2005-08-14 5:19] [comment]

Oooh you're lucky and was able to catch the beluga whale eating! Fabulous shot, aren't they incredible?

pmaze (25) [2005-08-14 4:51] [comment]

Man.. what a shot... what type of flash did you use for this shot?

pmaze (25) [2005-08-14 4:44] [comment] [+]

The 21mm extension tube works that well? Does it commonly create any distortion?

At any rate, I'm impressed! Fabulous shot, now if only we could get the same detail on our bee shots... :)

pmaze (25) [2005-08-13 1:32]

Eep! I'm from North Vancouver, and I didn't know about it ;)
Definitely useful information for me, wouldn't you think? Hehe.

pmaze (25) [2005-08-13 1:12]

Wow... that's almost unrealistic... amazing shot! And trust me, I know how hard it is to get a decent sharp image with the low-light conditions. Very great shot.

pmaze (25) [2005-08-12 19:32]