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samalaiprasad (8) [2012-08-09 23:30]

Hello Nick ! Wonderful shot.For me its a rare photograph.Like to see more such shot.

samalaiprasad (8) [2012-05-22 23:51]

Nice shot.Timing and imagination is perfect.Hope to see some more such shots as well as of birds of your interest in future.

samalaiprasad (8) [2012-05-01 23:42] [comment]

Hello Nitin,
It is a wonderful shot. The sharpness & light adjustment is superb.

samalaiprasad (8) [2011-11-20 20:54]

Hello Satya! Nice photography .The timing is wonderful.Would to like to see more such shots.

samalaiprasad (8) [2011-11-20 20:41]

Hello Lisa!The timing and background is wonderful.Your creativity is praisworthy.Would like to see more such shots throigh your lens

samalaiprasad (8) [2011-11-18 21:33]

Hello Suman!this is a prized catch by you.Its clarity,sharpness &above all the timing is wonderful.Hope to see more such shots from your lens.

samalaiprasad (8) [2011-11-15 20:53]

Hello Devid,Nice timing & a wonderful capture.Like to see more of your captures.