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wass (134) [2006-08-22 13:16]

Hi Brett,
Very nice timing. The catchlight in the eye of the bee makes the shot.

wass (134) [2006-08-22 13:13] [+]

Hi Pam,

Lovely shot. Nice job on the exposure. I like the diffused light. I wonder how it would look with the full reflection showing.

wass (134) [2006-08-22 13:10]

Hi Ola,

Nice POV and angle. Nice DOF as well. Is the DOF photoshopped? I like the texture and the bokeh.

wass (134) [2006-06-19 22:54]

Excellent shot. Love the DOF and the bokeh. Crop is nice but I think a horizontal one would work as well.

wass (134) [2006-05-31 13:33]

Nice work Jean Paul. I really like the tones and the composition. The tree in the foreground looks a bit oversharpened on my screen.

wass (134) [2006-05-27 22:18]

Very nice. Expression of the bird makes the shot. Love the bokeh. I wonder how it would look with a horizontal crop.

wass (134) [2006-05-27 22:00]

Nice. There is a hint of magenta especially on the sand of the mountain and the path.

wass (134) [2006-05-27 21:59]

Wow amazing! I love it. Very artistic.

wass (134) [2006-05-26 23:44]

I'll be the first one to say this is an extremely beautiful picture. I like the softness and the light. Very well balanced composition. Well done.

wass (134) [2006-05-26 20:30] [+]

Composition wise it's very nice. I like how you framed it with the two trees in the foreground. Colors are nice. But the picture in general can benefit from some sharpness.