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wimmels2010 (29) [2007-06-01 13:50] [+]

what a scenic place! photographer's dream. Very interesting info. You don't say the exact location i.e. somewhere in the Middle-east?
thank you

wimmels2010 (29) [2007-05-30 15:53]

amazing colours! almost seems as if it has been enhanced. I agree about the tree in the foreground - it balances the image to some extent. It feels quite desolate though :)

wimmels2010 (29) [2007-05-30 15:49]

Useful info and privilege to see, though the horizon is skew and foreground needs more size (closer) in my opinion. The rest: awe-inspiring atmosphere

wimmels2010 (29) [2007-05-30 15:22] [comment]

I saw a slide presentation of the Himalayas last night, awesome place! Your information together with the photo makes it an interesting read and useful (different) perspective, though the photograph itself on its own do not have a focal point - the glacier leads to the left and the shades on the right distracts one to the right. The image is slightly dark in the foreground, but then it is difficult light with the top bright parts. I suggest re-positioning the photograph, or cut a section at home that is useful.