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zto Silver Star Critiquer [C: 36 W: 6 N: 0] (0) [2005-08-29 0:34]

beautifull. It looks soo cold...Iceland is really a magic place. YOu did very well with this shot, focus and Dof seem just right.

zto Silver Star Critiquer [C: 36 W: 6 N: 0] (0) [2005-08-29 0:23]

Lovely shot with the dark background. Very astetich.

zto Silver Star Critiquer [C: 36 W: 6 N: 0] (0) [2005-04-12 3:01]

Simple maybe but so very cute. The soft tones are beautifull. Sets it apart frmo other ducks. Well taken photo. I like how you included the reflection.

zto Silver Star Critiquer [C: 36 W: 6 N: 0] (0) [2005-04-11 15:01]

They are such cute litle fellows, these blue tits. A bit diffrent POV then i am used to but very nice. Quit sharp too. But i woudl not expect any diffrent from you.

zto Silver Star Critiquer [C: 36 W: 6 N: 0] (0) [2005-04-08 14:08]

Hey, long time no see Panos. I was wondering about your PBase account the other day. Remebered you had one. Do you still have it? I also remember you being great at macro photography, birds and bees ;-) This only proffs i remeber right. Nice shalow DoF with only a narrow band of clear details.

zto Silver Star Critiquer [C: 36 W: 6 N: 0] (0) [2004-08-24 6:17] could i have missed to tell you about this new site...I'll have to ask Adam to forgive me ;) It is good to see you here Bruno, good to see you back.

Butterflies...they are just so darn difficult to shoot...they fly away as soon as you get close ;) You did great i think. The light is very good as is your composition. The cropping suggestions are good i think. Sometimes, it simply has to be dine i pp, cause they just fly around so much ;)

zto Silver Star Critiquer [C: 36 W: 6 N: 0] (0) [2004-08-05 20:08] [+]

He he, when i was in South Africa, i took a picture of an Ostrich...then i came back hoem and developed my photos...when i looked at them i was wondering...what is my collegue Eva doign in the bushes hehe. Need i say that the photo was NO GOOD he he. I'll blame the fact that i had to borrow the camera and that it was the only camera i had held in my hands for about 10 years. I think i have learnbed since then, i am stilll learning and one day, i hoep to take an equally splendid picture of thsi magificant bird. ;) Sorry about the rambeilng, just came to think of that and it made me smile a bit here in the midle of the night.

The shot is great.Teh feathers are wll excanturared but he head is a bit out of focus. It is moving so it isn't very strange that it is. Woudl a smaller apparature help maybe? Just great Callie. :-D

zto Silver Star Critiquer [C: 36 W: 6 N: 0] (0) [2004-08-04 7:43]

Funny looking and very cute bird Callie. As usual a very good shot. The details of the feathers are very nice and i like the colours. Great DoF. I tmakes the birds stan dout at the same time as we see some details of the ground.

zto Silver Star Critiquer [C: 36 W: 6 N: 0] (0) [2004-08-04 6:33]

Another insight to the luminous landscape below the sea Luko. You are right, it is beautifull. No wonder you love diving. Composition is nice and the light on the anome is lovely. One nit pick though, the belly of the fish seem a bitover exposed, blown out by the flash i guess. Also the anomoe just behind the fish seem a bit pale. Have you tried to correct it in Post process? I guess as contrast mask would help to bring back some details, not all though.

zto Silver Star Critiquer [C: 36 W: 6 N: 0] (0) [2004-08-03 6:33]

As usual you note is very informative, intresting and well written. And as usual your photo gives a view in to a world that i will never be able to see for myself(The doctors has forbidden me to dive since i hm...broke a bone in my ear the one time i actually tried it.) I really like they way you captured the luminous colour of the green (don't know the name in english) and Toby is rally a cute litle fellow. Adrians WS is really nice and i agree with his pointers. Can't say anything about the colour of the fish though as i don't really know if it actually is a bit green.