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Florin (2) [2011-03-31 6:29]

Hello my friend,
It is indeed a Bradyporus dasypus (Illiger, 1800)- Tettigoniidae, Bradyporinae.
How did you know?
It's a female (see the long ovipositor).
For more info about the insect, please read this article:
Thanks for sharing. We had a gentleman asking about one photographed in 2010 in Babadag.

Florin (2) [2009-07-27 8:39]


Poate ca e carabusul marmorat Polyphylla fullo, eventual femela, pentru ca masculii au antenele mari, ca niste evantaie.

Felicitari pt poza,

Florin (2) [2009-04-06 10:58] [comment]

I think this is an Egyptian Goose, Alopochen aegyptiacus. It has been introduced to England a few hundred years ago. Small numbers live also in Belgium, the Netherlands and probably other in temperate countries.

Florin (2) [2009-03-20 7:40] [comment] [+]

Din punctul meu de vedere poza e foarte frumoasa. As vrea eu sa am asa poza cu ghionoaie. Vroiam numai sa intreb: nu cumva e mai degraba Picus canus (ghionoaie sura) mascul?
Aici in Anglia nici nu exista decat cea verde.
Cu stima,

Florin (2) [2009-03-17 14:34] [comment]

Bonjour Gerard,

Hier soir j'ai trouvé dans mon guide des fleurs de Grande-Bretagne que la seul place où cette espèce s’est établie est la forêt d’à côté de chez moi, Abbey Woods. Je l’ai visité aujourd’hui mais je crois qu’il est déjà trop tard pour cette année.
Alors, merci pour avoir partagé votre photo!

Florin (2) [2009-03-10 14:39] [comment]

May I mention this is a Rose-ringed Parakeet (Psittacula krameri)? It must be a female or a young male; you can't tell just by the plumage. Adult males have a collar that doesn't show until the age of three.
There are about 350 species of parrot in the world, and many of them have different subspecies.
"Parakeet" is a name given by aviculturists to some members of the parrot family, but it doesn't have any taxonomic relevance. And the Americans use it loosely for the Budgerigar (Melopsittacus undulatus).
I hope my comment is of any help.
Thanks for sharing a picture of this favorite bird of mine.

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Florin (2) [2009-01-02 2:26] [comment]

Hello Emanuel,
Nice picture of the muskrat (Ondatra zibethicus), common in the Danube Delta. Just a suggestion for your notes: a positive ID would prevent the confusions with other species. For example your muskrat has been mistaken as a beaver and a coypu. The former doesn't live in the Delta and the latter has a different head shape. Notice the larger nostrils and bristles of the coypu and its almost nude ears.
Good luck!

Florin (2) [2009-01-02 1:34] [comment]

Dear Satish,
Thanks for posting this photo of an Alexandrine Parakeet pair. A little comment on your note: all parakeets are parrots, since they belong to the same order, the Psittaciformes. The aviculturists call some of them parakeets, macaws, conures, lovebirds and so on, but all are parrots really.
Best wishes,

Florin (2) [2008-12-10 2:18]

Hola José, Gracias por enviarme un acoplamiento a esta foto. Estoy interesado en los loros, especialmente parrotsin salvaje Europa. He oído hablar de los loros de Senegal que vivían en Madrid. Su cuadro demuestra el loro que come algunas bayas, así que se ha adaptado a su nuevo ambiente. ¡Gracias por compartir esto! Florín

Florin (2) [2008-12-09 13:33]

Hello Iulian,
Was this photo taken near Ceausesc's hunting chalet at Pralea, Caiuti? I took there some pictures of almost blue males, thinking they may be Moor Frogs (Rana arvalis), but they were probably Common Frogs (Rana temporaria).
Thank you for posting this, it's good to have such good images for an ID when you need it.