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HKZufelt (58) [2007-06-05 2:23]

I always find it interesting when different areas of the world have the same name for a completely different bird. In North America, a 'Robin', looks nothing like this.
That is why I like to visit TrekNature, not only the great shots, but the differences in names across the world and across cultures.
Nice one.

HKZufelt (58) [2007-03-22 7:28]

A new posting??? Dude? I thought you were dead! I haven't seen you online forever. I hate to lose track of a good friend.
Excellent post! Best bee I've seen. Congrats.

HKZufelt (58) [2006-07-10 2:44]

Dude...when I told you that you should start posting again, I didn't expect you to steal the show...amazing picture. Best I have seen in the gallery in awhile.

HKZufelt (58) [2006-07-01 9:30] [+]

A beautiful shot of a beautiful Trillium. Makes me home sick for Ontario. Your POV is perfect and the frame is spot on. Sharpness is unflawed. Keep up the good work.

HKZufelt (58) [2006-06-20 22:11] - [workshop] [compare]

I like this picture too, but I think you could have done better with the lighting. By the looks of it, this was shot in early morning and the colour suffer a bit. I have posted a workshop to try and correct some of the problems, but I am unsure of how successful I was. Let me know what you think.

HKZufelt (58) [2006-06-19 11:50]

Great picture...amazing write-up for an English Teacher.

HKZufelt (58) [2006-04-27 11:51]


HKZufelt (58) [2006-04-26 5:51]

Detail on the legs is great. If the wings were as sharp it would be perfect.

HKZufelt (58) [2006-04-26 5:49] [+]

SO crisp and vivid it almost looks as if it is sitting on top of the picture. Spetacular.

HKZufelt (58) [2006-04-24 10:23]

I really like this one Matt, and having been there when you were stumbling around trying to take the picture was fun too. I also liked pilonm's workshop. Made a nice shot even better.