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PhotoCritique [Translate]

Kinneret (5) [2009-01-25 8:45]

I'm not an expert photographer as to do a technical critique. I'm just an apprentice that love the photography and I hope learn more and more. I just can say that although horizon be in the middle of the image, the result is amazing, the moment is magic, and I really "envy" of you for be able of "catch" this moment and share it here and so we can enjoy it.
Great pic, Grats, Kinneret
(sorry, my English is not very good)

Kinneret (5) [2009-01-25 1:47]

Hola Came, enhorabuena por esta foto, es realment buena, (bueno yo no soy una experta, pero me encanta). Conseguir la luz justa del sol para no perder toda la silueta del arbol me parece realmente dificil. Creo desde luego que elegiste el lugar y el momento justo para lograr un resultado tan bueno, los colores son magificos. Saludos, Kinneret