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LuDivine (47) [2007-09-06 12:40]

Hi Steve,
indeed this is simialr to mine! funny!!! I perso hate spiders but i have to admit that these nurserywebs are pretty.
thanks for giving us all those precious informations!!

LuDivine (47) [2007-09-04 3:22]

Hi Steve,
i cant believe you still have snow down south!!! Scary thought! But a very picture though, i like that white & green tones. Beautiful soft background.
Cheers. Ludivine

LuDivine (47) [2007-09-04 3:17]

Hi Graeme, thats a great shot, I love shadows and I love geckos, so its a winner for me!!! That leaves have a grear color and I like the fact that you kept that little brown patch in front of the gecko. I could have been tempted to get rid of it but it works here!
Great picture. Thanks. LuDivine

LuDivine (47) [2007-09-03 18:22]

well you have done really well here Chris, the result is just perfect! The colors, and the moon in between the birds... as I said it is perfect ( well to me at least! ;))
Thanks. LuDivine

LuDivine (47) [2007-09-02 2:35]

Hi Pam,
good picture, he def looks like a prince! well done.
Interesting note too. Cheers. LuDivine

LuDivine (47) [2007-09-01 3:14]

Hi Ram,
what a lovey picture, the colors are so fresh!
beautiful sharp picture! and gorgeous butterfly!
Thanks. LuDivine

LuDivine (47) [2007-09-01 2:50]

Hi Steve,
thats a gorgeous shot of a fern!! I actually took some today too. Its great to see those new grouth coming up. Fern trees were looking pretty sad up to now!! I have never seen that one so close though! Its gorgeous! well done. and thanks for the interesting info!
Cheers. LuDivine

LuDivine (47) [2007-09-01 2:42]

Hi Boris,
thats a nice picture, I like the different attitudes of those birds. well spotted. Cheers. LuDivine

LuDivine (47) [2007-08-29 2:59]

Hi steve,
I cant believe you only have a compact!!! thats definately a great shot! I am mad not have seen it last night! It was too cloudy where i was!
Cheers. LuDivine

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pflahr Silver Note Writer [C: 3 W: 0 N: 33] (510)


LuDivine (47) [2007-08-29 2:49]

Hi Paulo,
gorgeous photo, those eyes... amazing!