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MCB (12) [2008-01-27 5:12]

Well isolated, focus is perfect and the detail on the eye and bill really is very good. It looks more like a small crow than a starling as we Europeans see them. Very interesting looking bird.

MCB (12) [2008-01-08 4:28]

This is incredible - is it 3 dimensional? Colours and form captured wonderfully, though I would have cropped slightly from the left, to avoid the dark top corner.

It certainly is a geological wonder.

MCB (12) [2007-12-16 2:11]

I had no idea there were European tree frogs!

The lighting and focus is excellent as is the isolation of your subject from the background. Bravo.

MCB (12) [2007-12-13 12:01]

Excellent photograph, the light line along the head runs parallel to the background. Would be great if the antennae were sharp also but with this lens I appreciate that is asking a lot.

MCB (12) [2007-12-13 5:25]

Excellent, sharp on the face, full of movement elsewhere. Looks like it's walking a tightrope!

MCB (12) [2007-12-12 13:53]


This is a really clever photograph. Usually when shooting fungus I do so from ground level but in taking it from overhead you incorporate in sharp focus all the surrounding features that drew you to take the photo in the first place. The 3 constituent parts of this photo work so well together in having discrete tonal and reflective characteristics that command 3 portions of the frame. Excellent.

MCB (12) [2007-12-12 13:15]

Your 3MP Fuji has done an excellent job.

The whites and blacks have both come out very well, the exposure was judged perfectly. The ripples beginning only above the head is a stroke of luck and the final icing on the cake is the shadow of the feathers of the tail on the post.

Its bill is very short compared to the species we get in the North Atlantic.

MCB (12) [2007-12-12 12:42]

Hi Linda,

I disagree, I think the quality is absolutely fine.

What I like about this photograph is there doesn't appear to be a square inch that isn't alive. The strong light works well to bring out and further accentuate the bizarre pose this heron is striking. At a guess I would say it was either drying itself or perhaps it is a courtship related behaviour? I don't know enough about herons to be certain, these are just general inklings. The immediate surroundings and the background tree are subtly but effectively separated by your choice of aperture.

MCB (12) [2007-12-12 11:24] [comment]

Lovely vivid blue! The detail inside one of the siphons is fascinating. We have a lot of these in my lab but they are all white, nothing as interesting as this.

MCB (12) [2007-12-11 13:12]

Hi Stuart,

A really nice punchy pic to post as your first on TN, presumably as you have aperture/shutterspeed, this can be altered? I tend to find with P+S cameras that the depth of field is much greater for a given aperture than on an SLR because of the small actual focal length and sensor size. This explains the actually quite discernible background at f/5.6. It looks to me like you had the cow parsley too near the camera which lead to a few stalks poking out of the front of the acceptably sharp depth of field. None of the stalks on the other side are out of focus, so you could try setting a greater aperture or just taking pics for a little further back in future.

Here's a useful calculator to work it out for a given camera and aperture: