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PoorColdBoy (174) [2013-02-08 7:54]

Hello, Laurens,
Many people might not see the beauty in such a bird, but every design in nature has its purpose, and that makes it beautiful in its own right. The maraboe is certainly no exception. Thanks for posting this magnificent creature.
-- Bill

PoorColdBoy (174) [2013-02-08 7:49]

Hello, Karthi
I am amazed by your macros. You must pay you models well to pose so nicely for you. I would think macro photography of living subjects is very hard to get perfect, but you have mastered the art. Congratulations!
-- Bill

PoorColdBoy (174) [2013-02-07 12:15]

Hello, Lucja...
This is a beautiful image of a beautiful mushroom. The focus and exposure are sharp and exactly right. Very nice. Thanks for sharing it with us.


PoorColdBoy (174) [2013-02-06 16:11]

Hello, Lou
I especially like this photo because a longhorn beetle is rather unexpected in this setting. Most such photos feature a bee or butterfly. I also like the contrasting colors of the gold colored beetle against the lavender color of the blossom. Very nicely done -- Thanks for sharing it.
== Bill

PoorColdBoy (174) [2013-01-09 14:17]

This is a magnificent shot. Besides the fact that the moisture beads really stand out in the photo, I think one of the best aspcts is the oblique backlighting. That makes the water beads really glisten. Excellent job with this one. Congratulations.
--William (Bill)

PoorColdBoy (174) [2013-01-08 5:54]

Magnificent! That's all I have to say -- simply magnificent!

PoorColdBoy (174) [2010-08-04 4:05]

Wonderful photo of this magnificent insect. The extreme macro blurs the background to make a smooth backdrop to the subject. I also like the fact that you focused on the mandibles of the creature, since that is the focus of your description also.

PoorColdBoy (174) [2007-08-18 6:30]


This photo makes me smile, since at first glance it looks like a single gull with a beak on each side of its head. Cleverly done!


PoorColdBoy (174) [2007-08-15 5:13] [+]

This picture cries out for a caption contest. Your title of "Intimidation" is perfect. If you would enter it, I'm sure this would be a contest winner.


PoorColdBoy (174) [2007-08-13 4:10] [+]

You've captured some very beautiful flowers in fine detail. You have enough depth-of-field to focus sharply on several blossoms, yet those around the edges are nicely blurred just a little. That keeps the viewer's eye trained on your main subject. Nicely composed.