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Vidaro (32) [2011-11-22 8:51]

Awesomee shot!Love the collours, love the dOP aswell!
If im not mistaking the bottom one is the Specled pit viper or Wagler viper. in Latin "Trimeresurus wagleri".
The other one im not sure about.

Vidaro (32) [2011-11-21 3:43]

Hello Christodoulos!
Great shot of a beautiful bird!
I think i have a picture of the same bird but it was identified to me as a Circus aeruginosus but i think this one you took resemble it more! I found this bird in the salt lake area in Larnaka

Vidaro (32) [2011-07-23 17:17]

That is an awesome capture and party animal is a perfect title! good job!

Vidaro (32) [2011-07-22 3:26]

i can barely see this animals! amazing camo! Great shot!

Vidaro (32) [2011-07-21 10:45]

Very nice picture with nice contrast! Iwould only suggest you fixing your horizon a little bit:)

Title: Spider
Spider (14) *
ghibli (149)


Vidaro (32) [2011-07-21 6:05]

awesome shot! Love it!:)

Vidaro (32) [2011-07-18 14:47]

Not the best quality but knowing the size of both male and female its understandable! Awesome composition! i would love to see some more of these:)

Vidaro (32) [2011-06-30 15:20]

Not much for me to say other than i really love your work!

Vidaro (32) [2011-06-22 6:14]

awesome shot!

Vidaro (32) [2011-06-18 2:18]

stunning shot! i think it looks better like this that what it would without the mist:)