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airwaves78 (30) [2007-01-23 4:30]

That's a great shot. I've often been to nature parks with peacocks, but never had a chance to capture such a moment.

airwaves78 (30) [2007-01-22 1:47]

Hi Marjan,

that's a very cute picture of the tenrec, with great details.


airwaves78 (30) [2006-12-29 5:38] [+]

Hi Nikos,

That's a great view. What software do you use to stitch the pictures? I'm currently using Autostitch but I'm wondering whether there are other softwares out there.



airwaves78 (30) [2006-12-29 5:34]

Hi Geert,

Nice shot. That's a scene that I'll probably never ever see here in the tropics!


airwaves78 (30) [2006-12-28 4:03] [+]

Great picture. I also have a picture of a double rainbow that I'm going to post soon. However, it's only after reading your note that I went back to my picture and saw that the second rainbow has its colors reversed!