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Title: Anu
Anu (6)
anuvb101 (6)


alphi (34) [2006-10-09 12:44]

Great bird, radiating & glamarous. Very nice capture! How about the title "Louis XIV"?

alphi (34) [2006-10-09 12:14]

Wow, very nice picture. Great effect with the water drops! Super clear motiv, and super blurry background! I like it!

alphi (34) [2006-09-12 7:00]

The lighting and the stripes - almost like an optical illusion!

alphi (34) [2006-09-12 6:27]

Excellent shot! Incredibly sharp, seems almost to jump out of my computer monitor! You can even see the glance in the bird's eye, very nice!

alphi (34) [2006-09-12 6:15]

Lovely shot of the cheetah family! The grass in the front gives it a special effect: as if you had advanced on the ground...

alphi (34) [2006-09-12 6:03]

Great Photo! I can almost feel the action! Very vivid background colour - was it taken in the late afternoon?

alphi (34) [2006-08-29 11:41]

Great picture, incredibly detailed. A picture of a leopard on the ground is always a highlight! Congrats! This determined expression - what is it looking at?

alphi (34) [2006-08-29 10:39]

Hi Kristy,
Very nice picture of the duck family!Challenging sunlight which I assume was not easy to handle. The title of the picture could be especially dedicated to the youngster to the right who is trying to catch up with mama!

alphi (34) [2006-08-28 11:15]

Great picture of this little fellow! Soft touch, but sharp and detailed, with an excellent contrast against the green background.

alphi (34) [2006-08-27 7:41] [+]

Fantastic picture! Almost a 3 dimensional effect. The longer you look at it, the more the parrot seems to leave the frame.