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amitava (14) [2008-09-18 18:51]

Great shot! I was surprised to see one of these in by backyard in New Jersey last spring. couldn't get a good shot off because it was moving around too rapidly.

amitava (14) [2008-09-10 7:28]

Very nice presentation. Perfect light and DoF.

amitava (14) [2008-09-08 15:27]

Good work for a point and shoot.

amitava (14) [2008-09-08 15:25]

Nice picture! Any one able to identify this animal?

amitava (14) [2008-09-08 15:21] [+]

Excellent image of a gorgeous bird.

I just joined this site and am at a total loss about the whole turmoil issue. Just hope things settle down. Till then, just a tad disappointed at the lack of response to my few meager postings to date.

amitava (14) [2008-09-08 15:14]

Very unusual pose. Seems to be a strong brown cast. Also, why not try shooting in portrait orientation?

amitava (14) [2008-09-08 14:46]

This guy look seriously battle-scarred! Nice portrait.

amitava (14) [2008-09-08 14:43] [+]

Very nice and sharp. would be better to crop out some of the dark areas.

amitava (14) [2008-09-02 15:51]

Wonderful shot of bird in flight. remarkably sharp focus.