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anniejo (0) [2007-10-09 10:34]

Great POV; and the raindrops on the petals add a LOT of "interest" to the photo.
Am wondering if, while kneeling to capture this shot, you inadvertantly knelt on the mate of this specimen!! Hope you were watching where you were kneeling, and on whom.

Love the fresh color in this photo, and the camoflauge of the spider as he "mimics" his best advantage for hunting!

Nicely done.

anniejo (0) [2007-10-09 10:25]

Nice "symbolism" here in this shot.....the
portent of snow against a stark background.
I think you've done a great job of capturing
the sense and feel of WINTER!! Nice detail;
good contrast!!

anniejo (0) [2007-06-13 11:19] [+]

Beautiful shot of this lil creature.....wonderful contrast with his "resting spot", and this was a good color choice on his part. I really enjoyed your notes, as well as the capture of an exceptionally clear and concise photo!
Great POV (hope you got the sand cleared off your knees and elbows) as well.

anniejo (0) [2007-06-13 11:00]

Clear and precise photo, with wonderful colors of gray and white, both pristine and sharply defined! You did well to capture this photo without the bird turning to look at you, as I often find the case.

Nicely done!!

anniejo (0) [2007-06-07 13:05]

Interesting notes and the composition of the shot is deVINE!!

anniejo (0) [2007-06-07 13:01]

Sobering, introspective, this dedication on the June 6 onset of the invasion at Normandy.

The photo promises hope for the future in the guise of the unfurling leaves of the maple.
Great color, wonderful POV as well as the
macro clarity on this one.

Thanks for sharing.

anniejo (0) [2007-05-09 19:56]

WHOA, these ants look like scaling sylvester mountaineers! Amazing that they
are not harnassed together. Nice clean detail on these superants, glued to
this wooden wallface. And I even spy an eye on the one up high. Very nice
LARGE POST too with an unusal, but suitable orientation.

anniejo (0) [2007-05-05 6:50]

GREAT shot of a GREAT plant!
Beautiful yellow....great "structure" of this
one, though I don't think you are responsible for THAT!!

I see the purple of the outside leaves creeping into the photo, and noticed for the first time, that the tips of the petals in the "Son before the father" are rounded and smooth, while the tips of the dandelion are
ragged.....or am I mistaken...?

Regardless, a FABulous shot in macro mode,
and you were able to keep the "shine" off the plant, which is hard to do!!

anniejo (0) [2007-04-29 22:22] [+]

Hmmmm, I had a policeman pull me over one time, and made ME walk a straight line like this gull.....

Very nice photo.....focussed gull and also a well-focussed BG.....great composition, AND, a great capture-in-action!!

anniejo (0) [2007-04-29 22:16]

EWWWWW!!! What a "beauty"....I think. Never
been an admirer of snakes, but this one is quite pretty.
You've seemed to have captured this one in all its glory!! Do I see a puncture wound in its side? Wonder if perhaps it was injured.
Nice contrast with the gray rocks, and good composition as well, with a GREAT focus and POV!!
Nicely photoed!!