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aroefs (23) [2008-03-20 18:51] [+]

What a lovely photograph. Mother nature always seems to amaze me! An excellent shot, especially with the people in the background to display the enormity of the rock overhang.


aroefs (23) [2008-02-28 19:16]

Great action shot Jay! A tripod would have made a difference and made the detail a little clearer. But I don't think that you would have had time to set it up.

I like the photo.

aroefs (23) [2008-02-16 20:35]

Awesome photo! I like your use of lighting and slower shutter speed. I am new to photography, but I do know a good photo when I see one. Very impressive! Love your technique. Keep them coming.


aroefs (23) [2008-02-15 18:18]

The blurry background seems to be a little distracting. Set the camera on landscape mode which will put everything in focus. However the goose looks like it is ready to fly right off of the photo.