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aswaththama (6) [2007-05-24 11:38] [+]

HI Doc:

That's a good shot...considering the fading light, and considering how restless the drongo can be in the evening. It's an insectivore after all, and evening is when its prey comes out. Takes fast fingers to snap a stationary drongo, it hardly sits still.

I'm not a bird lover (they're rats with wings, as the saying goes), but it's a good shot n'theless...considering the difficulties involved.

Where in Bangalore did you snap this? Hardly can see the drongo these days in Bangalore.


aswaththama (6) [2007-05-22 10:31] [+]

Hi Uma!

How do you do it? Either you have a very sharp eye or you can get flora and fauna in Bangalore to pose for you!

Takes a very steady hand indeed to snap a demanding shot like this. The kind of hand a dentist or a neurosurgeon might have.

Solid hai kya?


aswaththama (6) [2007-05-22 10:20]

Hi Uma:

This Lilly is certainly not silly! Spectacular is the word. The detail is stunning. Clear and sharp. Old Man Sol winks at us off the water, the leaves turn silver at His touch, and the Lilly goes purple under His gaze.

Taken in the morning, is my guess.

A treat for the senses. Very much like...well..vada pav with lasoon chutni, if you don't mind the analogy?

Guess I'd better stop taking my camera to Lalbagh, and restrict myself to clicking magnolias on the roadside at apna JP Nagar!
No way I can match a snap like this.


aswaththama (6) [2007-05-19 3:19] [+]

HI Uma:

Actually, I think it's quite nice! Flavanoids are Mother Nature's most colorful manifestations.

My only complaint is - you have effectively stolen my thunder.

I was planning to stroll over to Lalbagh this very afternoon, to capture some Delonix images myself. Might have even snapped the same Delonix that you did, since I've seen it before on my last visit to L'bagh.

Great minds think alike (...or fools seldom differ?).

It's a nice photo, no matter what the junta says!

Ta ta/be bindaas and click away.


aswaththama (6) [2007-05-19 2:01]

Hi Uma:

Since my technical expertise in photography is exactly equal to zero, I can't offer a dazzling analysis with appropriate technical terminology and relevant commentary. As a layman with a taste for all things artistic, all I can tell you is how this photo 'feels'.

And it feels great to behold. You have a very steady hand, I must say, and a great sense of timing. You have neatly captured the glint in both birds' eyes.

Seems to me these birds specifically posed for you!

In my hometown Mumbai, we would sum it up in one single word: "Jhakaas!!".


aswaththama (6) [2007-05-16 7:12]

Hi Uma:

My word, that's awesome. Thomas E Bond Jr. would have been proud!


aswaththama (6) [2007-05-13 21:02] [+]

Hi Uma!

I'm a newcomer here. Don't know much about photography. But your Delonix is spectacular! Nice flavanoids! Wish you had stepped back a couple of inches though. You would have captured the inflorescence in its entirety.

I uploaded my maiden attempt at nature photography yesterday. Could you take a look please?