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blackeyed (38) [2007-04-24 2:31]

This bird of prey is the most common in Argentina I guess. I saw him nearly in every part, when I travelled the North. There it is called "Carancho"! Unfortunately I could not catch him half as good as you did here... Reall great capture and perfect light!
Greets Iris.

blackeyed (38) [2007-04-24 2:21]

Hello Annick!
I really love this animal! And your picture could not be better! It really underlignes the cuteness of this little fellow. Especially the sharpness of his eyes & nose makes this picture something very special!
Greets Iris...

blackeyed (38) [2007-04-19 6:28]

Hi Gary!
That's really a razor-sharp picture of this litlle fellow! I really like it a lot!

When I look at the camera and especially the lens I now wonder, if I should really invest the money in the same lens (because I am right now comparing the Nikkor 80-400mm with the one of Sigma...).

Great work. Keep it up!
Greets Iris