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bobdaveant (302) [2017-11-12 19:27]

Such beautiful colors and this magnificent giraffe, thanks for sharing.

bobdaveant (302) [2017-03-24 8:35]

So full of color and beauty, nature is truly a gift to mankind. Thank you for sharing.

bobdaveant (302) [2017-03-22 18:14] [comment]

Lovely color sand great details in the notes, very informative.

bobdaveant (302) [2017-03-22 6:18]

Beautiful color and details in this photo, great description in the photographers note, thanks.

bobdaveant (302) [2017-02-25 10:08]

Beautifully caught, wonderful details and light. I like the colors, it seems very natural and not over processed.

bobdaveant (302) [2016-02-18 10:18]

A beautiful capture, great exposure and details. I need to travel more and see amazing birds like this. Thank you for the in-depth Notes about this bird. I also enjoy the negative space that adds well to this composition.

bobdaveant (302) [2016-02-17 11:08] [+]

I have never seen this insect before, what a special photo. Good details and color.

bobdaveant (302) [2016-02-17 11:06]

Such an awesome capture, great stop action and details. I love everything about this photo, bravo.

bobdaveant (302) [2015-03-12 15:51] [comment]

What a beautiful bird and a unique bill. Nice capture.

bobdaveant (302) [2015-02-27 7:25]

This image is hauntingly beautiful. I love the soft colors and the details of the web, this photo is a winner for sure.