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bodinux (83) [2005-10-23 4:48] - [workshop] [compare]

Joli oiseau, voir mon attelier.

Title: Swans
Swans (3)
genna7 (42)


bodinux (83) [2004-09-21 15:26]

Nice light! The red beack looks good. The bottom left side disrupt a little the picture. It could be a good idea to darken it.

bodinux (83) [2004-09-11 4:21]

Les fils électriques croisés sont du meilleur effet !

bodinux (83) [2004-09-05 2:43] [+]

On comprend avec votre photo pourquoi le cormoran doit se sécher les plumes!

bodinux (83) [2004-09-04 16:02]

Great vivid colors as usual.
The expression of the bird is excellent.

bodinux (83) [2004-09-04 15:57]

Deliciously SCARY!
Technically, it would have helped the DOF to open the diaphragm (really closed tight in your case). Could you have done it ?
I love the totally black background (blackground). Too bad the front legs are out of focus.

Thanks for the hints given in your note on how you resolved this difficult shot.

bodinux (83) [2004-09-04 15:46] [comment]

I looked at all your pictures. This one is my favorite. Very nice colors and sharpness

bodinux (83) [2004-09-03 17:10]

Très bel ensemble formé par une superbe photo et un cadre "pro", la note aussi est "pro"