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caroux (202) [2014-11-10 20:45] [+]

Well done.. The specimen in my countries are flowering in springtime ;-)

caroux (202) [2013-08-17 11:02]

Salut Mariusz. Nice shot. Good macro. Thanks for sharing. Didier.

caroux (202) [2013-08-12 10:20]

Salut Anandselvi,
It seems we had the same idea today. Good macro. Good background also. Thanks for sharing. Didier.

caroux (202) [2013-08-11 8:26]

Salut Ori,
Nice picture. I like the black and red berries of this plant.
The fruit is mildly toxic, and may cause vomiting or diarrhea if consumed in large quantities.
I have also recently learned that buds, leaves and flowers were used in gemmotherapy.
Impatient to see other photos taken in Armenia. Cheers. Didier.

caroux (202) [2013-08-09 10:49]

Salut Luciano,
Such a beautiful butterfly, and thanks for your impressive video !
Nature is a miracle ! TFS. Didier

caroux (202) [2013-08-09 10:47]

Salut Ori,
Nice shot. Impressive and unusual plant.
Acanthus leaf is the characteristic decoration of the capitals of the Corinthian order.
it is also one of the most common patterns sculptures of Romanesque art. TFS. Didier.

caroux (202) [2013-08-09 10:28]

Salut Anandselvi,
Nice shot. Well done. It seems to be a kind of Liliacea. Do you know which species is it ? TFS. Didier

caroux (202) [2013-07-22 3:25]

Salut Anandselvi,
Which tree is it ? Nice colour. But the photo could have been a bit more centred.TFS. Didier.

caroux (202) [2013-07-22 3:22]

Salut Ruby,
Impressive macro.Able to count the hairs on the stem of this flower. Excellent capture. Nice detail. TFS. Merci. Didier

caroux (202) [2013-07-22 3:19] [+]

Salut Hasan,
Good macro. Nicely taken.
Merci. TFS. Didier