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ccameraguy (66) [2011-06-24 11:03]

Wonderful pose and colour. I enjoy the sharp eye view

ccameraguy (66) [2011-06-24 10:51]

I love the colour and sharpness in your creation. Great to see

Best Wishes,

ccameraguy (66) [2011-06-24 10:44]

Wow terrific image of the puffin... Just where are these fjords located I need to check :-)

Thanks for sharing.


ccameraguy (66) [2011-05-15 16:56]

I enjoy the pose and colouring of this image. I photographed a bird of this family but much darker. Likely a different variety in BC

ccameraguy (66) [2011-05-15 16:54]

I love the pose and colouring of this bird. I have never seen this variety before, Many thanks for sharing!


ccameraguy (66) [2011-02-15 3:37]

Lovely pose for this butterfly from you backyard. Great soft background as well.

Very fine indeed

ccameraguy (66) [2011-02-14 2:14]

Great pose and detail on this Canadian resident you have composed. I will need to be more attentive while walking the valley grasslands.

ccameraguy (66) [2011-02-14 2:10]

Great eye light and reflected colours on your humming bird image. A wonderful result of your hand held work

ccameraguy (66) [2011-02-14 2:08]

Love both the back lighting and reflection. The water dops from the beak are terrific.

ccameraguy (66) [2010-10-19 17:19]

Amazing image - the flash system worked so well. Nice eye sparkle and colour.