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chowitt (170) [2006-11-23 6:35]

I like the ruggedness of this picture, but I would be tempted to crop out the rock face on the right. I find it distracting and am continually drawn to it when I want to look at the mountains against the sky line.

chowitt (170) [2006-11-18 8:42]

Hi Pam:

This is another shot on TN I have really liked today. The tight framing on faces is just wonderful. You have done a fabulous job with sharpness and I feel the shadows add to teh depth adn feel of this photo.

chowitt (170) [2006-11-18 8:33]

Hi Thorsten:

These are just shockingly great. To be honest, when I saw them as a thumbnail I assumed you took some pictures in a planetarium. Apologies for my assumption. I prefer these photos to the “Moon Over Cologne” because the darkness/depth gives it a feel of mystery. The WS version is very sharp allowing one to see all the detail. Just wonderful.

chowitt (170) [2006-11-18 8:13]

Hi Phil:

I am a big fan of the tight cropping on animal faces. I feel the colors of this picture are really well done (not washed out given the sun in late afternoon.) Your details and sharpness are also superb. I love the drool…ads character.

chowitt (170) [2006-11-16 20:47]

This is a beautiful portrait. I especially like the fact that this photo answers the age old question about zebras and I think it is save to say they are black with white stripes. :)
Great clarity and the sharpness really makes this picture stand out.

chowitt (170) [2006-08-25 20:07] [comment]

I think this is a great shot. The colors are wonderful and the water looks so clear to the point you can see the bottom. Nice POV. Awesome!

chowitt (170) [2006-03-06 18:55]

A great shot with lots of energy.
You may want to try shooting the picture in camera raw format. This allows you to play with the white balance on your computer afterwards in a program like photoshop. I have been learning about it and it seems to work well...with practice.