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christor (51) [2007-07-25 12:19]

Nice colours and balanced frame, and nevermind the cannot always be still and placid in England...for goodness sake, right? The beautful trees and white clouds....convergence. Lovely. I am only a little disapointed at the darkenening sky in the top forefront(vignetting?) but it still is so pretty. I keep meaning to get down to the New Forest but have not mane it yet.

christor (51) [2006-08-14 8:31]

Boy you just gotta ove a film that captures this kind of color, dontcha?! Nice shot, Guy...although I acn see it was quite late in the evening and dark, there is not really any contrast between the silhouetted house, side of the castle mound which I suspect is in the foreground, and the cityscape beyond (it would add better depth) I like the house windowlights, city lights and brilliantly coloured sky though.