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dipsybee (38) [2010-12-08 5:52]

I love the simplicity of this shot against the black background. The detail is excellent. Great shot.


dipsybee (38) [2010-12-07 11:09]

Excellent image full of beautiful colour and light. I like all the reflections and the details of the ripples in the sand.


dipsybee (38) [2010-11-12 8:18]

Lovely shot, my daughter would love this. Nice composition of the panda eating. The detail of the face is good.


dipsybee (38) [2010-11-03 7:57]

Beautiful colours in this shot. Nice detailed foreground of the butterflies and the flowers and buds against the muted background. Nice image.


dipsybee (38) [2010-11-03 7:31]

Wonderful fresh image full of beautiful colour. The detail is nice and the colours of the lupins work nicely against the green and add overall balance to the shot.


dipsybee (38) [2010-11-03 7:26]

Very moody and atmospheric shot with great light. The composition is excellent with the moon just visible through the tree branches and the addition of a few stars makes for a wonderful image.


Title: guepier
guepier (8)
mimi25 (100)


dipsybee (38) [2010-10-23 9:07]

What beautiful colourful little birds. Lovely composition, contrasts nicely against the muted background.


dipsybee (38) [2010-10-09 4:56]

I like the composition of this shot and the muted colours give the impression of the arid landscape. It is good that you have included the horizon as it gives the image more context. The Zebra looks very thoughtful.


dipsybee (38) [2010-10-09 4:51]

Love the effect of this picture with its simple composition and muted colours. The blurred background gives a wonderful atmospheric feel.


dipsybee (38) [2010-10-09 4:46]

Lovely shot with such clear detail on the animals and a nice composition. You are fortunate to be there to see these wonderful animals.