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emgomes (0) [2005-12-11 12:44]

beautiful. Good composition, colors and dof

emgomes (0) [2005-12-11 12:44]

very good one, it seems he's posing for you... Nice dof and spot on focus.

emgomes (0) [2005-12-11 12:40]

good shot with some sandy action... the animal is quite rare, I supose?

emgomes (0) [2005-12-11 12:37]

great shot: good focus and exposure. The reflections simply adds to the pleasure

emgomes (0) [2005-12-11 12:35]

Great shot, love all the reflections on the water

emgomes (0) [2005-11-24 17:34]

good composition and really natural colors. I find the tree a bit soft on focus but this doesn't 'spoil' the pic.
Great job

emgomes (0) [2005-11-24 17:28]

superb piece of work: great compo, colors and dof!

emgomes (0) [2005-11-24 17:26]

great job done here: just pin sharp, eye and all, some space in front in the movment direction.
great job

emgomes (0) [2005-11-24 17:25] [+]

interesting scenery and quite some nice colors, due to the conditions a good job done here. Shooting in weather like this I tend to leave the sky out, since a washed out sky is never very pleasing.
Nice job done

emgomes (0) [2005-11-23 14:39]

great color and detail level