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geneafred (54) [2006-08-24 18:28]

Amazing shot ! It looks like a postcard !
Nice POV, colors, bird and (little) fish ! :o)))



geneafred (54) [2006-08-24 18:25] [+]

Really beautifull clouds !
Did you have a filter on your lens ?

This cloud looks like smoke from aircrash or industrial reject, it has a beautifull texture ;o)

I love it !



geneafred (54) [2006-08-24 18:21]

Wahouuu, this photo is really powerfull, it seems that these two guardians are looking and waiting for the same thing...

You are right, with a blue sky and a tree, this photo will be really great ! But I love it like that too :o))



geneafred (54) [2006-08-24 12:19]

Wahou ! What a wonderfull shot with a really good POV. And what a nice aircut !

geneafred (54) [2006-08-18 12:52]

Nice Shot Patrick !

I love Butterflies, and hope to shot some like this one :o)

Some usefull infos about your beautifull bug could be find here :

geneafred (54) [2006-08-14 7:06]

Très jolie macro, avec un très bel arrière plan.

Very nice macro, whith a nice background.