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geogirl (35) [2006-07-23 2:02]

Hi Amir,
Stuning macro shot it stood out in the thumb nails and was equally pleasing larger.
Well Done

geogirl (35) [2006-07-19 21:57]

Hi Mark,
Nice animal portrait I like the light and the mood of the shot. Water is so nice to work with.
Thanks for sharing

geogirl (35) [2006-07-18 7:32]

That is an amazing shot.
I love it when I see a nature shot that shows me the soul of the subject. I think I can see him smile.
Great colour contrast and sharpness.

geogirl (35) [2006-07-18 7:16]

Beautiful close up, you have inspired me to look more closley at the patterns in nature.
I have passion friut in my backyard but never thought of taking that shot.
Well done.
From a critical point of view I wondered what it would look like if the center of the flower was dead center in the photograph?