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hobbitenok2005 (19) [2007-07-22 21:29]

This is fantastic picture. The composition is just excellent. The sharpness is absolute! I am not mentioning colors and contrast - you cant expect less from gear you use.
Also the note is very worthy.I wonder thus where is a good place to determine an insect specie on the internet, as I occasionally catch them, but never know what I caught (and no I don't like traveling to reference library for definitive guides on insects...). TFS.

hobbitenok2005 (19) [2006-09-18 0:27]

Hello Jim,

This is nice composition,reflecting constant movement of the bird, showing interesting moment of its life and technically perfect!
This is rare combination of features!
Thanks for posting it here!

hobbitenok2005 (19) [2006-09-17 0:26] [+]

This is lovely...The pixelation which you have here looks like an artistic trick, the composition is just lovely. Picture seems imperfect but attracting attention and almost makes you feel as if you were at the lakeshore yourself. I guess it is called art:)

hobbitenok2005 (19) [2006-09-16 17:25]

I like dolphins and this is nice moment you caught. It looks to me that picture is a little dark and there is not enough contrast to it.