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kludwig20 (32) [2006-10-11 19:08] - [workshop] [compare] [+]

Great morning! I like your composition and placement of branches in view and I think the Moon and venus in the corner? Great range of tones, if anything the image slightly lacks sharpness. I'll try a workshop just for fun.

kludwig20 (32) [2006-07-06 10:10]

Beautiful image with great colors and nice reflections and gradient in the water. The image is only lacking depth, a smaller aperture would have helped bring out better sharpness in the distance. Maybe this would have been possible with your highest ISO, otherwise a tripod would have been necessary. I also feel your focus area may have been on the right side of the image, was this the case? Either way great shot.

kludwig20 (32) [2006-06-16 11:59]

Good first post. Interesting crater, I've never seen a picture like this. I would only crop off some of the sky to keep with the rule of thirds. Very good lighting, I really like the shadows of the clouds in the bottom of the crater. True to life tones, but a boost of saturation wouldn't hurt either. Also the date is very distracting, it's a shame it is on there but could be ghosted out in PS. Great start!

kludwig20 (32) [2006-06-16 11:53]

Beautiful sunset! Great colors and reflections. Also very good sharpness and depth. I really like the gradient in the sky. Maybe I would crop off a little of the black at the top but either way great shot.

kludwig20 (32) [2006-06-15 15:26]

HAHA funny capture, these curious ducklings will probably not find food here on the train tracks. I think the little bit of foreground is necessary to lead the eye into the image, but maybe cropping just below the lightpole wouldn't hurt. Curiosity killed the cat but hopefully not these cute little ducklings.

kludwig20 (32) [2006-06-15 15:15] [+]

Looks like he's going to rapal down with that piece of webbing attached to his leg haha. How can he sit there like that and not fall off? Great colors and DOF. Funny capture.

Title: Dragonfly
Dragonfly (44)
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kludwig20 (32) [2006-06-15 15:11]

Quite the accomplishment here. I can't hardly catch a bird in flight and you catch one of these guys crystal clear?? Well exposed with great point of focus, DOF and sharpness.

kludwig20 (32) [2006-06-15 15:04]

Oh wow, great shot of this Egret. How do you get so close without him flying off? When I tried to take a picture of one of these guys i could hardly get within 20 feet. Great blue skies contrast nicely also, no polarizer used?

kludwig20 (32) [2006-06-15 14:52] - [workshop] [compare] [+]

Great shot, I really like the low DOF and the matching colors of the hummingbird and the plant. I suspect it would take some very fast shutter speeds to freeze these guys though? Any idea how fast would be required for them to look still? I did a workshop for you, hope you dont mind.

kludwig20 (32) [2006-06-13 16:33]

I love the stare it gives you, probably ready to pounce on you if you make any sudden movements. I'm really impressed with how close your camera can take macros. I only have 1 picture so far on TN but it is a picture of one of these guys. Unfortunately my camera will only focus as close as 4cm, so they look very small (given they're less than 1/4" long). At least I think it is the same spider, maybe you could look at my picture and tell me if they're they same? Thanks for sharing, great shot!