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mahdiraeiai (51) [2009-02-21 5:11]

This is very nice shot, but this species is mouflon (Ovis musimon) not Barbary sheep.

mahdiraeiai (51) [2009-02-21 5:02]

Hi Mr Musavi
Just one word can describe your shot: Excellent.

mahdiraeiai (51) [2009-02-17 6:22] [+]

Hi Patrick,
Very nice pic, but there is 4 zebra in it!

mahdiraeiai (51) [2007-05-13 1:33] [comment]

Good foto composition.
But I think lion is the king of forest and the cruel king of beasts is human!

mahdiraeiai (51) [2007-05-10 16:44]

Salam Umar,
Oh! we are live until old trees are live!
yes, it is terribly: we are going to die!!
It would be better if there was a thing as a scale near the tree.

mahdiraeiai (51) [2007-05-10 16:27] [comment]

oh! I am very glad for being these trees.

mahdiraeiai (51) [2007-05-10 16:17]

Really great scene with good light & color.

mahdiraeiai (51) [2007-05-09 12:13] [comment]

A rare scene! very good.

mahdiraeiai (51) [2007-05-05 2:53] [comment]

How odd! I would like to see its whole body.

mahdiraeiai (51) [2007-05-04 11:25] [comment]

look liked good