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melnaapantera (47) [2009-07-04 1:33]

Wonderful macro! And captured very well.

melnaapantera (47) [2009-07-04 1:31]

What a wonderful bird! So sunny and bright. I like him very much. The picture is great. My compliments!

melnaapantera (47) [2009-07-04 1:28]

Wow! This bird is meeting also here at us, in Latvia. In Latvian his name is "pupuķis".

melnaapantera (47) [2009-07-04 1:24]

What a beautiful close-up! I did not seen this plant in live, it looks very interesting.

melnaapantera (47) [2009-07-04 1:20]

Great shot! I like the composition very much and colors.

melnaapantera (47) [2009-07-04 1:15]

This is wonderful shot of really beautiful flower. Bright colors and good sharpness. Thanks for sharing!