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moonwater (0) [2004-08-06 16:56]

This one can not be dangerous with this cite face. I can see his smiling.
Good catch, good composition.

moonwater (0) [2004-08-06 16:51]

So clear photo, easy to see all detail. Godd composition.
I have to admit, it is so cute...

moonwater (0) [2004-08-06 16:46]

Excellent composition and presentation.
Thanks to you, I can see butterflies can still beautiful without showing their wings.

moonwater (0) [2004-08-06 16:42]

Great photo, nice catch.
Very good composition.

moonwater (0) [2004-08-06 16:35]

Nice photo. Good composition and nice colour. I like the shadow. Congrats

moonwater (0) [2004-08-06 16:31] [2]

Superb colours. Good composition and clarity.
I know it is dangerous but still so atractive.