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nathan (44) [2008-02-11 19:14]

Hi Zac, can't understand why this photo hasn't had any comments, i really like it, lucky you had your equipment all set up and going. If only macro photographers could be set up like this all the time eh :-)
Well done.

nathan (44) [2007-08-13 21:42]

very enlightening, inevatable really when you think how mankind is ever increasing in this world....won't be long until most living animals are endangered eh, maybe not in our lifetime but i don't think its far.

thanks for sharing.

nathan (44) [2007-08-13 21:36]

nice image here, just a bit blurry.
i'm thinkin it would've been a little bit more colourful if you'd snapped about 2 mins before...these scenes come and go so quickly. Anyway i would rather be somewhere like that rather than in our winter at the moment.


nathan (44) [2007-08-13 20:08]

very interesting bird, great its been swimming in red wine for a couple of days.

well done on the capture of this.

nathan (44) [2007-08-13 20:04]

very cool photo, great composition...really good natural colour.

well done

nathan (44) [2006-12-30 13:22] [+]

Hi Juan, what a cute little fella, i think with the shallow DOF his eyes should be more in focus than anything. still a good photo.
well done

nathan (44) [2006-12-28 13:00]

brilliant capture Pam, fantastic detail and natural colour.

well done

nathan (44) [2006-12-27 13:34]

i really like this....nice easy colour and great composition.

well done

nathan (44) [2006-12-27 13:32]

Hi Francis, very good capture here.....awesome DOF and great colour
welcome to TL
well done

nathan (44) [2006-12-27 3:08]

I think i agree with 'billygoat'
Good colourful shot