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obekant (308) [2007-01-26 8:17]

Beautiful composition, the colours, clarity and point of view are perfect!

obekant (308) [2007-01-20 7:59] - [workshop] [compare]

Great POV and note. I've done a workshop with some minor changes, I hope you like it.

obekant (308) [2007-01-16 9:29]

Great POV, details and framing. The eye contact makes the shot truly wonderful.

obekant (308) [2007-01-10 8:36]

Nice capture of this hawk in flight. Good POV and framing - the image could be improved with some sharpening as Ralf has shown in his workshop.

obekant (308) [2006-12-20 7:54]

Perfect timing and excellent colours, lighting and details! Framing it with the leading space works very well.